Paola Campanelli(MA, MRSS(T), Lic.OHM, MRCHM)

    Paola Campanelli (MA, MRSS(T), Lic.OHM, MRCHM)

    Paola Campanelli is a practitioner, lifelong student, and teacher of Chinese medicine and Shiatsu. She trained in Shiatsu in Italy, the UK (Bill Palmer and the ESS) and the Netherlands (Peter den Dekker) and taught as a core member of the ESS Brighton teaching team between 2003-2007, before moving to Asia. She spent seven years in Taipei (Taiwan) and Chengdu (China) studying modern and ancient Chinese and Chinese medicine (Chengdu University of TCM and with various doctors in their private practice). She returned to Europe in 2014 and now works in the UK, Germany and Italy. Paola’s teaching style integrates theory with clinical experience and observations from daily life and is appreciated by many for its clarity. She can present complex concepts in a lucid way and convey hands-on bodywork so to allow students of different abilities to grasp the essence of a skill or technique and make it theirs. Paola is also an Action Learning facilitator.

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