Michael RoseSenior Visiting Lecturer

    Michael Rose initially studied shiatsu with Yuichi Kawada, in London and Paris, and with Zen Master Reuho Yamada in San Francisco.
    He was then most fortunate to study with Master Shizuto Masunaga for one year in Tokyo, where he received his graduate diploma in 1979.

    He has been practising and teaching shiatsu for over forty years, and was a founder member of the ‘Shiatsu Society.’
    He has taught extensively in the United Kingdom, and internationally, for many of the major schools.
    His work is strongly influenced by the Sufi and Zen traditions, and by his active interest in, and practise of, music and martial arts.

    His major interest is in the development of the essential qualities of shiatsu healing touch in relation to the five main ‘elemental’ qualities, from an extremely strong deep ‘physical’ level, up to a subtle ‘spiritual’ ‘heart’ level, integrating them into a holistic form, which is both enjoyable and clinically effective.

    The aim of his workshops are to help the student/ practitioner, whatever their level, to increase the sensitivity, power, quality and enjoyment of their shiatsu experience.

    His workshops include concentration on ‘essential qualities’, and their manifestation into a range of techniques in all positions, integrating yin and yang aspects, and considering clinical applications.

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