Markus GrasserDS MRSS(T) MRCHM, Principal of ESS UK

    Markus Grasser DS MRSS(T) MRCHM, Principal of ESS Brighton

    Markus started his shiatsu training in Austria in 1992 with the ESI (European Shiatsu Institute, originally linked to Ohashi) . In 1994 he left for India and Malaysia to spend most of the following one and a half years studying yoga, Vipassana meditation, taiji and qigong. Those disciplines have since been a major source for his understanding of oriental medicine. Markus graduated in 1997 with the ESS in London and has been in full time practice ever since. From 1996 onwards Markus studied with and assisted Michael Rose over a period of 3 years and studied with Bill Palmer (Movement Shiatsu) for 4 1/2 years on postgraduate courses. He also received regular supervision from Tim Mulvagh (CBS- classically based shiatsu) for a period of 7 years.

    Markus set up the Brighton Branch of the European Shiatsu School in 2000 organizing and teaching all aspects of the Practitioner Diploma Course. In 2014 he handed over the role of ‘Course Director of the Brighton Branch of the ESS’ to Donna whilst maintaining an active role as the Director of the ESS UK in overseeing the Diploma course, providing supervision and teaching selected classes for second and third year students.

    Markus’s passion is to make the theories of Oriental Medicine tangible and palpable in the body through experiential exercises, qigong and palpation, thereby integrating theory with hands on practice. Markus is also a practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine (London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine) and often treats with a combination of Shiatsu and Herbs.



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