The Teachers

Our teaching lineage stems directly from the Japanese tradition of Shiatsu, yet has a strong connection to the classics of Chinese Medicine. Chris Jarmey, an internationally renowned teacher and the schools founder, studied directly with Pauline Sasaki before setting up the European Shiatsu School in 1985. Although he has now sadly passed away many of our current teachers studied with him directly and benefitted from his expertise, wisdom and kindness. He has written many, well respected texts on Shiatsu, Qi Gong and anatomy, some of which you will receive as part of your training

We now maintain a highly qualified and experienced teaching team, many of whom are also Chinese herbal medicine practitioners and acupuncturists and all of who are registered as Teachers with the Shiatsu Society. Each teacher brings their own highly valued specialisms to the school, from women’s health to advanced Chinese medical knowledge.

Our current team includes

  • Markus Grasser DS MRSS(T) MRCHM, Principal of ESS UK

    Markus started his shiatsu training in Austria in 1992 with the ESI (European Shiatsu Institute, originally linked to Ohashi) . In 1994 he left for India and Malaysia to spend most of the following one and a half years studying yoga, Vipassana meditation, taiji and qigong.

  • Donna Armstrong BSc (Hons) MRSS (t), Director ESS Brighton

    Donna became familiar with the amazing healing powers of Shiatsu after living and working in Japan from 1999-2002. Upon her return to the UK she studied with the European Shiatsu School before becoming a fully registered member and Teacher of the UK Shiatsu Society. Since then she has studied extensively with Tim Mulvaugh and Markus Gasser to who she is indebted for their clear understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine and its applications to shiatsu.

  • Eddie Cox MRSS Course Director ESS

    My interest in Shiatsu started through Martial Arts, which I have been doing for 40 years. I have practised many forms of martial arts, but started with Karate, where we used Shiatsu to increase flexibility and help with improving recovery time when injured.

  • Paola Campanelli (MA, MRSS(T), Lic.OHM, MRCHM)

    Paola’s teaching style integrates theory with clinical experience and observations from daily life and is appreciated by many for its clarity. She can present complex concepts in a lucid way and convey hands-on bodywork so to allow students of different abilities to grasp the essence of a skill or technique and make it theirs. Paola is also an Action Learning facilitator.

  • Julie F Decarroux Shiatsu Teacher, DS MRSS (t)

    Julie F. Decarroux is an experienced shiatsu practitioner and teacher now based in Bristol. Originally from France she came to Brighton in 2000 to study with Markus Grasser at the ESS. Since graduating she also studied with Sonia Moriceau, Tim Mulvagh, Eliot Cowan and Suzanne Yates and she has been one of the schools main teachers since 2007.

  • Michael Rose Senior Visiting Lecturer

    Michael Rose initially studied shiatsu with Yuichi Kawada, in London and Paris, and with Zen Master Reuho Yamada in San Francisco.
    He was then most fortunate to study with Master Shizuto Masunaga for one year in Tokyo, where he received his graduate diploma in 1979.

    He has been practising and teaching shiatsu for over forty years, and was a founder member of the ‘Shiatsu Society.’

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