Seeing the Five Elements in Everyday Life

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This reflective piece on the Five Elements was contributed by one of our fabulous students.

Just the other day I was lying in my garden, casually staring at the sky, sun on my face and generally feeling rather relaxed. Normally I do not stay for too long in this state I tend to be thinking of the next task I have to do and am then rushing off. However this time I decided to stay a while longer.

I began to notice the movement of the large cottony and pure white clouds that were passing by, seemingly with no effort. There was definite direction, haste and intent to the clouds’ motion which was presumably due to the path and force of the wind that was pushing them along.

I was struck by how commanding and potent the energy of the wind was as it pushed the rather innocent clouds along. The whole ambiance of the atmosphere above me was one of constant change, inter-relationships and absolute kinematic energies.

The clouds have a passive contentment and could be related to the heart element, in that a person’s mind can be peaceful and happy with a good blood supply.

The pushing winds relate to the wood element’s liver and gall bladder providing a person’s direction, forward drive and intentions. Additionally the liver is connected with creativity and inspiration (from just the presence of the sky).

And finally the inter-relationship of the clouds and wind working so well together, both mutually benefiting, could be the heart element – the pericardium – which influences our relationships with others.

So, from just few quiet moments spent in my garden, I had quite a realisation of the five elements.

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

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