TCM Acupuncture Diploma for Shiatsu Practitioners Sept 2023


Our TCM Acupuncture Diploma is designed specifically for qualified Shiatsu Practitioners who already have a working knowledge of TCM theory, diagnosis, point location and function.  It will be taught in a way that will incorporate your palpatory diagnosis and body work skills.  For those qualified in Zen Shiatsu an 11 month TCM CPD course is available from Oct 2022 to enable you to gain access to the Diploma.  Upon graduation you will gain membership to the British Acupuncture Federation and access to full practitioner insurance.

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1 yr TCM Acupuncture Diploma for Shiatsu Practitioners Sept 2023

6 teaching weekends

+ 5 days Clinical Observation

+ 8 days Clinical Practice

Designed for Shiatsu Practitioners and Chinese Herbalists who already have a working knowledge of TCM theory, diagnosis, point location and function, this one-year module will equip you with the practical skills to treat effectively using TCM Acupuncture.



  • Completion of Shiatsu Diploma with The European Shiatsu School Brighton
  • Completion of TCM Theory and Shiatsu Practice – CPD


You will receive:

  • Introduction to the various forms of acupuncture needles
  • Various styles of insertion techniques and techniques to circulate, tonify and disperse Qi
  • Supplementary techniques including moxa, electro-acupuncture, bleeding, and auriculo-acupuncture
  • How to provide a coherent acupuncture treatment with local, adjacent, and distal points and point selection via pattern differentiation
  • Training in safe practice, contra-indications to treatment, and how to manage adverse events e.g., haematomas
  • How to needle a selection of commonly used ‘difficult points’
  • Adequate clinical time to observe acupuncture being administered
  • Supervised clinical days to develop your practical skills


The syllabus:

Introduction to the various forms of acupuncture needles

  • Gauge, length, different types and brands of needle
  • Guide tube and manual insertion

Needling practice and insertion techniques

  • Eliciting Qi
  • Tonification and dispersal
  • Needling with and against the channel
  • Needle rotation

Supplementary techniques

  • Bleeding
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Moxa
  • Auricular

Constructing a coherent acupuncture treatment

  • Using local, adjacent and distal points
  • Points by pattern differentiation
  • Treating Ah-Shi points
  • Opening Channels
  • Using front and back points
  • Timings of treatment’s and needle insertion
  • Pulse diagnosis

Safe practice

  • Safe needling depth
  • Contraindications to needling
  • Relieving haematomas, burns and nerve damage
  • Needling difficult points

Regular feedback and clinical support

  • Regular one to one feedback sessions with teachers in class and clinic
  • Clinical observation (5 days) via multi bed and individual practitioners
  • Clinical practice (8 days) in our student multi-bed clinic
  • Fortnightly zoom mentoring session to discuss ongoing case studies and aid TCM diagnosis

This qualification will enable you to gain:

  • Membership of the British Acupuncture Federation
  • Full Insurance with Balens to practice as an Acupuncturist
  • Access to the WCA Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma (Save 1year on training)

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