Shiatsu Practitioners Diploma 2024


Our Shiatsu Diploma is the final 2 years of your 3-year training needed to gain full membership to the UK Shiatsu Society.  Training as a Shiatsu Practitioner with European Shiatsu School Brighton will give you all you need to set up a fully insured and successful Shiatsu practice, effectively diagnosing and treating the public. Our emphasis is on developing a refined quality of touch married with an excellent grasp of applied Chinese Medicine Theory.

Next start date: Sept 2024

Course cost:
£2,800 Year 2 (early bird £2500 until End June 2023)
£3,200 Year 3
(early bird £2800 until End June 2024)
£400 Deposit (Affordable payment plans available)
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Shiatsu Practitioners Diploma 2024-2026

Year 2 and Year 3

24 weekends over 2 years

Training as a Shiatsu Practitioner with The European Shiatsu School Brighton will give you all you need to set up a fully insured and successful Shiatsu practice, effectively diagnosing and treating the public. You will automatically be recognised as a Member of the UK Shiatsu Society and will Gain L4 credits that are recognised by employers and educational establishments. Our emphasis is on developing a refined quality of touch married with an excellent grasp of applied Chinese Medicine Theory.



  • Completion of Professional Certificate of Acupressure (Year 1)
  • Training in compatible Complementary Therapy – Opportunities to reduce your training time *

You will receive:

  • In-depth training into Classically-based Shiatsu, a style which incorporates a deep understanding of classical Chinese medicine and its applications to shiatsu bodywork (via acupressure, movement and touch)
  • Training in the practice and therapeutic applications of 18-stance Shinbashi Qi-Gong
  • Physiology and Pathology study modules incorporating up to date research into the connective tissues of the body and their relevance to the effectiveness of touch-based therapies
  • Membership of the Register of the Shiatsu Society upon graduation
  • National Accreditation to L4 with Laser Learning Awards
  • All you will need to set up a fully insured and successful shiatsu practice, effectively diagnosing and treating the public


The syllabus:

  • In-depth training into the theories and practical applications of Classical Chinese Medicine:

Including study into the 5 elements; Vital substance; eight-principles; causes of disease; Zang-Fu patterns of disharmony; diagnostic skills via Hara, Yu, Bo, Source and xi-cleft points; tongue and pulse diagnosis; the theories of the six-divisions

  • Zen-Shiatsu

How to diagnose and treat effectively with shiatsu – advancing your quality of touch and sensitivity to Qi

  • Point Location and Tsubo Categories

Understanding the function and precise location of 145 acupressure points

  • BI-Syndrome:

Theoretical understanding and Practical treatment of lower back, shoulder, elbow, knee and hip pain

  • Use of Moxa, cupping and medicated Oils
  • The Therapeutic context and creating your successful Shiatsu business

Client-Practitioner skills, building rapport, how to take a case history, record keeping, ethics and practitioner development.

  • Regular feedback and clinical support

Regular one to one feedback sessions with teachers, and 12 supervised days in our specialist student practice clinic throughout the training


This qualification will enable you to gain access to:

• New Acupuncture Diploma

• Regular CPD workshops and advanced practice classes

• Table Shiatsu Course

• Seated Acupressure Course

*Opportunity to Train in 2 Years

Are you a qualified Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist or similar? The European Shiatsu School is happy to consider individuals transferring skills to gain Direct Entry into the 2nd year of the Diploma course – applicants are assessed individually via interview

Various payment options are available such as monthly instalments, please enquire for details.
Although we offer easy payments terms, starting the course does make you liable to pay the full balance of the fees, whether you complete the course or not.  All deposits are non refundable. 
All fees include registration with LASER learning for course accreditation.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • You are signing up to a two year, part time, mixed media (hands-on and online) level 4 qualification.
  • The course costs £6,000. If you choose to pay upfront, you will be given a £500 discount (£5,500).
  • You must have graduated from the Professional Certificate in Acupressure to be eligible for this course or hold an equivalent qualification in Bodywork and Anatomy.  Direct access from another qualification is assessed through an interview process and is at the directors discretion. 
  • You will be given immediate access to all online material, including online Physiology and Pathology course and be given a two-year subscription. 
  • Fees include all in person teaching days, access to online material, twice monthly zoom practice classes, the marking of all coursework, written and practical exams and registration with Laser learning Level 4 qualification
  • To complete the Diploma, Student must receive 4 Shiatsu treatments per year from a Shiatsu Society registered practitioner.  Students can choose which practitioners they wish to see.  They do not have to be teachers from ESS Brighton.  The cost of this is paid individually by each student


  • Registration fee = £600
  • If you completed your Professional Certificate in Acupressure more than two years ago or entered the course via an equivalent qualification you will need to pay an additional £180 fee to be registered with Laser learning

Cancellation Policy – before the course starts

  • From the date you sign up you have a two-week cooling off period in which to change your mind. Please be clear that this is the course you want before booking! We are always happy to answer questions in the office 9am – 4pm Monday-Friday Friday
  • During this two-week period, if you decide you cancel, you will receive a refund minus the course registration fees (£600).
  • After two weeks you are liable for the full cost of the online modules £3000 (this includes a two-year subscription).
  • If you are on a payment plan you agree to your payments continuing until the agreed costs have been paid

Cancellation Policy – after the course starts:

  • The start date of your course is the date of your first in person class. After this date we are unable to give refunds for the course
  • In the event of cancellation once the course starts, you agree to pay the full cost of the course (£6000/£5500).
  • If you are on a payment plan you agree to your payments continuing until the agreed costs have been paid
  • In the event of extenuating circumstances (deaths, serious illness), individual circumstances will be considered, and students unable to complete their current Shiatsu Diploma can be moved to the next Shiatsu Diploma or given credit towards other ESS brighton courses. This will be at the Directors discretion and evidence of circumstances (i.e.: medical notes) may be asked for. Please note no refunds can be given.

Missing a Hands-On Date:

  • In the event of you missing hands-on days it is your responsibility to catch up on material from your peers. Hands-on days are unable to be rescheduled.

Missing Practical Assessments

  • Missed practical assessment are liable for a fee of £150, unless genuine extenuating circumstances can be proven.

Written work/Assignments:

  • You must meet the deadline for all assignments (monthly online tests, course work, treatment records, case studies, final research project etc.).
  • You must upload all assignments to your online portal. 
  • Extenuating circumstances, include: death in the immediate family; serious personal injury or medical condition occurring for the first time; serious injury or illness of a child, partner or close relative; serious or worsening or acute episode of a pre-existing and ongoing medical condition, will be considered on a case-by-case basis and evidence (e.g. medical note) may be required.

Covid / Illness:

  • If you test positive for covid or you have another genuine illness (e.g. sickness, diarrhoea) please don’t come to class, call the teacher running that day (phone numbers are in your syllabus) so we don’t worry about you
  • You must attend 90% of your hands-on sessions
  • You must complete all online courses and course work
  • Pass all learning outcomes (assignments, online tests, practical assessments, treatment records, case studies, and final research project).
  • All fees must be paid
  • Certificates are issued by Laser Learning, please make sure you use the name you want on your certificate when registering for the course. Fee for reissuing certificates are set by Laser Learning and are outside of our control.

If due to circumstances beyond ESS Brighton control the course has to be withdrawn, the company is not to be held responsible or accountable. A new date or course credit will be offered, no refunds will be issued.

By signing up to a course you will be added to our mailing list.

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