Shiatsu Foundation – 3 Wknds 2023


This 6-day Shiatsu Foundation course is designed to equip the beginner student with a solid grounding in Shiatsu bodywork and a more extensive introduction to the theories of Chinese medicine.
• Give safe and effective shiatsu to friends and family • Integrate new and powerful techniques into an already existing massage practice • Develop your own awareness of Qi (energy) and enhance its movement within the body

Course cost: £625
Earlybird Price:  £545 (if booked and paid in full by 31/03/23)
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Foundation Course 2023

6 Days (over 3 weekends)

23rd 24th Sept / 7th 8th Oct / 21st 22nd Oct

This 6 Day Shiatsu Foundation is designed to equip the beginner student with the necessary skills to give good, safe, introductory shiatsu to friends and family. You will learn how to use your own body posture efficiently in order to relax a recipient and boost their energy level. Fun and practically focused, it will also include a comprehensive introduction to the theories of Traditional Chinese medicine and how these can applied to bodywork.

Suitable for

  • Complete beginners
  • Complementary therapists

You will receive:

  • Understanding of the basic/core principles of good Shiatsu
  • Shiatsu skills for use on friend and family
  • Qigong, Makko ho and Do-inexercises for self development
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese Medicine and its applications to shiatsu
  • “Shiatsu Foundation Course”book by Chris Jarmey

The syllabus:

  • Introduction to the theories and practical applications of Classical Chinese Medicine:

Including study into Qi, meridians (channels), tsubos (pressure points); Yin / Yang and the 5 elements

  • Zen-Shiatsu

Moving from your Hara with ease; Sequences in prone, supine, side and seated positions; Methods to tonify, calm or disperse Qi

  • Qigong, Makko ho and Do-in exercises

Develop your internal vitality and enhance your sensitivity to Qi.

  • Practical feedback and support


  • Acupressure Diploma
  • Regular practice classes


Payment plans available

Various payment options are available such as monthly installments, please enquire for details.
Although we offer easy payment terms, starting the course does make you liable to pay the full balance of the fees, whether you complete the course or not.

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6 Day Foundation 2023

6 Day Foundation 2023