All Levels Practice Classes


@Dyke Road Clinic 

Running Saturdays or Sundays 9:30am – 1:30pm

Cost – £40 / £35 early bird and multiple bookings

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Discount offered if 4 classes are booked in advance


These monthly PCs will accommodate for mixed levels of ability and material will be differentiated accordingly.  Themes will be posted on the website in Sept.  You will need to sign up and pay in advance.  we need a minimum of 5 people per session to make these work.  If less than 5 sign up the class will be cancelled 1 week prior to the event.

I’m wondering if we could even bring a shared lunch and use the time from 1-2pm to connect, chat and support each other in our shiatsu adventures!

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Practice Class Dates

01. Sept 23rd – Sunday, 02. Oct 14th – Sunday, 03. Nov 10th – Saturday, 04. Dec 8th – Saturday, 05. Jan 6th – Sunday, 06. Feb 9th – Saturday, 07. March 10th – Sunday, 08. April 27th – Saturday, 09. May 19th – Sunday, 10. June 15th Saturday, 11. July 13th – Saturday

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