Advanced TCM Theory for Shiatsu Practitioners – Online CPD


This CPD module will equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to diagnose and treat effectively using TCM theory and Shiatsu. The roots of Shiatsu lie in the theories of Chinese Medicine.  If we deeply understanding TCM physiology, pathology and the 6-Divisions, we can understand their expression in the Channel system and use this to enhance our diagnosis and Shiatsu treatments.  Integration of this knowledge will improve your clinical practice and enable you to give excellent patient advice based on thousands of years of experience.  It will also open doors to study and work in the fields of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Next start date: 10th March 2023

*As pre reading is necessary for this course, sign up is required by the 17th February 

Course cost : £650
Deposit : £200
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Advanced TCM Theory and Shiatsu Practice – CPD
Online Module

March 2023 – July 2023
7 webinars

plus bi-weekly zoom practice classes 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month 7-8:30pm

This online module will equip you with the theoretical knowledge to diagnose and treat effectively using TCM and Shiatsu.  The roots of Shiatsu lie in the theories of Chinese Medicine.  By deeply understanding TCM physiology and pathology and their application to diagnosis and treatment we can improve our Shiatsu practice and give excellent patient advice based on thousands of years of clinical experience.


Webinar Dates, Fridays 9:30am – 12:30pm: 
2023  march 10th  /  March 31st  /  April  21st  /  May 12th  /  June  9th  /  June 30th  /  July 21st
*As pre-reading is necessary for this course, sign up is required by 17th February



  • Completion of Shiatsu Diploma or Acupressure training


You will receive:

  • Training in advanced TCM theory and its applications to Shiatsu practice
  • Advanced TCM diagnosis: Detailed case studies, dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Understanding of the 6 division relationships in physiology, pathology, diagnosis and Shiatsu Practice
  • Fortnightly Online ‘case study’ support group to ensure integration of knowledge into your Shiatsu practice


The syllabus:

The training will take the form of 6 online webinars covering each of the 6 division relationships to physiology and pathology.  Student will be given access to reading material in advance of each webinar and will be asked to pre read content and apply their knowledge to a Shiatsu case study to be submitted before each webinar.  This course work will be marked and individual feedback given in writing.  Webinar class time will be used to reinforce student learning of TCM concepts and their applications to the Shiatsu Clinic.  Bi-weekly practice classes will allow students to present and work through their own real life case studies to ensure concrete understanding and ability to apply TCM knowledge to their Shiatsu practice .

In-depth training into the theories and practical applications of TCM and Classical Chinese Medicine:

  • Detailed understanding of 6 Division theory in physiology, pathology and diagnosis
  • Advanced TCM diagnostic skills and their practical applications to Shiatsu practice
  • Understanding Signs and Symptoms to diagnosis TCM patterns.  Knowledge of how these may present in the body and channels
  • Detailed case study reports; applied learning as well as how to give sound dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Tongue and pulse diagnosis


How to apply TCM knowledge to your Shiatsu practice

  • How TCM patterns may present in the Channels, Hara and diagnostic areas of the body
  • Diverse Hara and torso models of diagnosis
  • Use of Shu, Bo, Yuan and Xi-cleft points as diagnostic tools


Regular feedback and clinical support

  • Fortnightly zoom mentoring sessions to reinforce webinar learning
  • Discussion of student case studies to aid TCM diagnosis and its integration into Shiatsu Practice
  • Written feedback to each student on their case study work


Final Examination

  • For those wishing to gain access to the Acupuncture Diploma course a final examination will be held on 11th Aug 


This qualification will enable you to gain access to:


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