Eddie CoxMRSS Course Director ESS

    My interest in Shiatsu started through Martial Arts, which I have been doing for 40 years. I have practised many forms of martial arts, but started with Karate, where we used Shiatsu to increase flexibility and help with improving recovery time when injured.

    Before I became a full-time Shiatsu practitioner, I had been a Funeral Director for some time. I was looking for a change of direction, which led me to thoughts about retraining in Shiatsu. I started to look at courses – upon looking, I came across two schools in Brighton, but the ESS ticked many more boxes for me.

    I started the course in 2010, and I have not looked back since.
    I qualified in 2014 and began assistant teaching the following year, wanting to give something back to the school.  I am now the Course Director for ESS and teach regularly on all aspects of the Shiatsu Diploma as well as giving extra private tuition to students.

    I am always reading Chinese medicine books and looking into the possibilities of studying Acupuncture. I have a strong belief that in life, we never stop learning, and have found this to be true of Shiatsu. I am always looking for ways to gain more knowledge and understanding, to give a better Shiatsu experience to my clients and to the students I help teach.